Terms of Service


Maxlogy promises to treat your fairly and ethically in its delivery of service. We value you as a client, prospective client, or supporter of our business. We see our Terms of Service (TOS) as our “Play Book”. Making it public and transparent is good business to make sure everyone knows the rules. It keeps us accountable and reduces the possible misunderstandings with clients. Creating a positive outcome for our clients is our utmost goal!

If you have any questions about Maxlogy, please click here.


Getting Started

Have you hired or are considering hiring Maxlogy? Maxlogy follows these steps to get your website launched!

1. Introduction by referral, e-mail, telephone, ad or other.
2. Face-to-Face meeting
3. E-mail quote provided
4. Acceptance of quote and TOS
5. Retainer fee paid
6. Website map is initiated by client
7. Website map review meeting
8. Finalize website map
9. Client provides all media materials
10. Begin coding
11. Complete website
12. Full website fee is paid
13. Client sign off

Our Startup Website package includes up to 5 meetings or 5 hours of consultation; whichever comes first. So feel free to make use of it! If you expect to need hands on advice, make sure to pre-purchase additional hours.

Regular consulting rate is $100/hour.


Technical Requirements

Maxlogy requires before beginning coding:

  • Website host capable of supporting PHP 5.2.17 or later
  • Registered domain name

If you have no idea what those are, Maxlogy can help. Maxlogy can help by connecting you with a trusted vendor. You will be responsible for hosting and domain name registration costs.


Deposits & Retainers

  • Upon accepting your e-mail quote, a retainer in the amount of 50% of the quoted fee must be paid.
  • Work on your website will not commence until a retainer is paid.
  • The retainer is non-refundable.



  • Maxlogy offers a limited warranty on its services. For the duration that Maxlogy administers your website, its guarantee is in effect.
  • Maxlogy promises to ensure your website is functional, unless prevented by an Act of God or third party.
  • The third party in most cases would be your website host and domain registrar.
  • The moment the Client Sign Off is completed and administrative access is given, you will be given 30 days to report technical issues. Technical issues due to error caused by Maxlogy will be repaired at no cost.
  • Warranty is immediately void should you or someone acting on your behalf, other than a Maxlogy Agent, modifies or tampers with your website’s coding, structure or script design. Repair charges will be billed at $120/hour.
  • Maxlogy reserves the right to cancel your contract instantly should you or someone acting on your behalf, other than a Maxlogy Agent, modifies or tampers with your website’s coding, structure or script design. All deposits, retainers and payments made up to the date of cancelation will not be refunded.


Sign Off Process

  • At the end of every project, we request our clients to complete a “Sign Off” form.
  • The form simply states that the website lives up to a client’s expectations, within the agreement.


Post Sign Off

  • Clients are welcome (and encouraged!) to request additional services after the completion of their website. However, additional charges will apply at a rate of $60/hour.
  • Changes requested to your website 6 months after completion will be billed at a rate of $80/hour.
  • Rush service is billed at $120/hour.


Partner Program Cancellation

We believe mutual cooperation to build our respective businesses can lead to incredible results! Maxlogy Partners receive the benefit of resource based investment at a reduced rate. If you are a Maxlogy Partner, but wish to revoke your partner privileges, there are a few things you need to know. Maxlogy requires.

  • 7 days written notice of your cancellation
  • If your minimum enrolment period has not been met, additional charges will be billed to you. Maxlogy will require payment in the amount of double the partnership discount you were given at the time of agreement to use Maxlogy’s services. (Ex. Premature cancellation of a 12 month full slider valued at a $500 discount, discount would result in a chargeback of $1000.)
  • Payment for premature cancellation must be made within 30 days of notice.